3 Reasons to Take Your Child to the Orthodontist

Are you uncertain whether should you take your child to an orthodontist or not? Without any second guess, let me tell you yes, it is beneficial to take your child to an orthodontist. Children in their growing age may develop many problems associated with the teeth, jaw, and facial anatomy. The sooner the consultation the better is the outcome. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, by the age of 7, parents should consider a mandatory visit of their child to an orthodontist. Elite Medical Center is one of the best orthodontist in Sharjah provide orthodontic consultation and treatments for your child according to their needs and requirements. Following are the three reasons to take your child to the orthodontist.

1. Jaw alignment issues (such as protrusion and extrusion of the jaw) may arise as early as the age of 7. By this age, your child will have enough teeth in the mouth that will picturize the jaw problems. It is, therefore, mandatory to identify the jaw problem and plan the necessary treatments accordingly. Similarly, other teeth-related problems such as crowding, spacing, malocclusions, can also be identified and corrected earlier.

2. By the age of 7, your child will have a mixed dentition (combination of permanent and primary teeth). During this process, it is mandatory to keep a close eye on the eruption of the permanent teeth. It is necessary to guide the permanent teeth into their accurate positions to avoid crowding, misalignment, and other dental issues which may develop later in life.

3. In addition to the jaw and teeth alignment issues, sometimes, parents also notice thumb sucking, mouth breathing, and teeth grinding issues. These habits greatly deform the development of the teeth, jaws, arches, and overall anatomy of the face. The narrow arches induce difficulty in breathing during sleep.

An orthodontist will assess the pre-existing oral conditions and evaluate your child’s oral needs. A brief medical and dental history will be taken and your orthodontist will perform clinical and radio-graphical examinations. Clinical and radio-graphical examinations will guide the orthodontist to take the necessary decisions and the treatment protocol for your child. Here it is best to know that each mouth is different hence, a different and patient-centered treatment is derived for every individual.
Our dental professionals at the elite medical center are highly trained and certified for providing specialized dental treatments. Our qualified dental professionals provide dental services at affordable costs and multiple payment options are also offered. We believe in patient satisfaction and aim to improve patient’s dental health.

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