Does Acupuncture helps Treating Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are the most prevalent psychological conditions, many people are looking for alternative treatments for their mental issues, including Eastern medical methods. Depression and anxiety, in the Eastern perspective, are warning signs that there is something more serious happening in the body. According to Ancient Chinese Medicine, qi is a source of energy, and its imbalance results in diseases, which can appear as depression and anxiety. Acupuncture is not the ultimate solution, however, it may assist relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety when used as part of an integrated strategy for getting the whole body healthy.

What is acupuncture therapy?

Acupuncture is a type of therapy that includes placing ultra-thin needles into a person’s skin at different depths at particular places on the body. Dry needling treatment on the other hand is similar to acupuncture as they both use acupuncture needles, however, dry needling is much more muscular, to give strong stimulation to get the muscle to spasm. Whereas, in acupuncture, minimal stimulation is achieved and is based on channel theory, where the acupoint is and it is much more specific.
So we can say that the same tool (fine needles), the techniques, and the theory are different.
According to research, acupuncture and dry needling treatment both could help reduce pain, stress, and anxiety and are used to treat a variety of many other conditions.

Technique of acupuncture

Stimulating certain anatomical spots known as acupuncture points enhances the body’s functioning and aid the natural healing processes. The insertion of tiny, sterile needles into the skin is by far the most frequent method for stimulating acupressure points. The effects may be enhanced by exerting pressure, temperature, or electrical stimulation. Manual massage, heat treatment, cupping, and the administration of external herbal medications and ointments are all examples of acupoint stimulation procedures.
Acupuncture has been most frequently used to treat pain, but more and more research is being done on how it might help with general well beings, such as anxiety and stress management. According to scientists, acupuncture increases the body’s natural happy hormones while lowering stress hormones such as cortisol. 

What does the research say about acupuncture?

There is still a lot of study being done on acupuncture and anxiety. Although many individual trials show promising benefits, assessments of such studies are often divided.
According to a 2021 analysis report, twenty papers focused on general anxiety disorder, and the findings showed that acupuncture therapy for anxiety reduction in individuals with general anxiety disorder demonstrated considerable advantages. Another research done in 2018 showed that the treatment of anxiety with acupuncture, all of the investigations showed a decrease in anxiety level. The research also yielded good results with fewer adverse effects than traditional therapy, which in some cases included drugs. Another research showed that when acupuncture, conventional treatment, and a rehab program that included acupuncture and talk therapy were examined, therapeutic acupuncture substantially and clinically decreased anxiety and depression. Furthermore, almost the majority of the patients with initial stress or anxiety in both the integrated acupuncture and acupuncture groups improved significantly after therapy. On the other hand, there were some researches done that showed no effect on stress and anxiety levels. 

So, will acupuncture help with my stress and anxiety?

Acupuncture for anxiety therapy appears to be supported by available evidence. Although several studies were found to be weak in terms of design or sample size, their results were comparable to those of higher-quality research in the analyses. The existence of low-quality research does not imply that acupuncture is ineffective. To validate the findings, further large-scale studies are required.


Acupuncture and/or dry needling treatment for anxiety and stress are complementary therapies that have only received minimal study validation. These traditional Chinese medicine-based healing techniques appear to provide a slight advantage for people suffering from stress and anxiety. Finding a qualified acupuncturist who utilizes correct sanitation measures might help reduce the risk of problems from the treatment. If you are thinking about getting acupuncture in sharjah, you can contact us at our Whatsapp for a consultation. 

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