Gum Depigmentation in Sharjah

What is Gum Depigmentation?
As your teeth can lose their charm, your gums can become pigmented as well. When it happens, appropriate dental care can help you restore gum whitening through treatment processes. Several periodontal diseases can arise if gums are not protected from external harmful bacteria.
Gum depigmentation, a.k.a., gum bleaching, is a gum treatment that removes black spots or patches from gums. It is a dental cosmetics treatment that ensures that you live your best life with the best smile!

Make Your Smile Beautiful Again!
Gingival depigmentation saves you from the stress of hiding your smile. Having stains or spots on your gums is not only aesthetically displeasing, but the long-term accumulation of melanin on gums can cause some serious health issues as well.
The gum depigmentation treatment is not painful but promises excellent results. If you want your smile to be more beautiful than ever, then it is high time that you start investing in your teeth’ health. Once the treatment is done, your gums will return back to their beautiful state!

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Laser gum whitening treatment is one of the most opted treatments in cosmetics dentistry. Our facility’s dental specialist thoroughly assesses the patient’s condition and comes up with a proper treatment plan. If you’re in Sharjah, then Elite Medical Center is more than happy to assist you!
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What Causes Gum Discoloration?

Gum discoloration is mainly caused by the melanin (a natural skin pigment) found in skin, and gums. The high amount of melanin in the skin, the darker the shade of the gums. On the other hand, smoking, dental plaque, and other diseases can also lead to gum discoloration, so it is best to consult a dental specialist to find the cause and the correct treatment for you.

Gum Bleaching Permanent?

Single gum bleaching or gum depigmentation treatment can stay longer than 20 years. And most of our patients do not require follow-up treatment after a single treatment.

How Long does the Laser Gum Depigmentation Procedure Take?

Laser gum depigmentation takes approximately half an hour and depends verily on the amount of area, gums to be treated, and the intensity of pigmentation.

How Much does the Laser Gum Depigmentation Procedure Cost?

The cost for laser gum depigmentation differs. As in some cases, not all gums require this process. So, the final cost will depend on and differs for each case. After a comprehensive and thorough clinical and radio graphical assessment, our dentists will discuss the exact cost and different payment options available.

I have Sensitive Gums. Can I still have the Laser Gum Depigmentation Procedure Done?

Here it is to be noted that there can be varied reasons for sensitive gums such as gum disease, and other oral diseases. It is best to find the cause of your sensitive gums and then proceed with laser gum depigmentation. A thorough dental consultation should be performed beforehand