Composite Filling in Sharjah

What is Composite Filling?
Do you know what exactly composite filling is? A composite filling is a dental care procedure that a dental specialist performs at a medical center or a clinic to fix your fracture, crack, and decayed teeth by composite filling, which is composite resin or natural tooth-colored fillings.
Restorative dentistry is the key to saving your teeth. Say bye to your cracked teeth and say hello to a beautiful smile. We can’t put a cost on a beautiful smile, can we? Also, the repair cost is minimal!

Reasons for Composite Fillings
There are many reasons why composite filing is used, mainly because its color is tooth-like, so people prefer to use this teeth filling to keep it natural. You will need a composite filling when you have a decayed, worn, cracked, chipped, fractured, broken teeth, or even cavity filling. Composite fillings fill out the affected areas and repair the teeth so you can have a flawless look while smiling.

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The dentists in our team are highly qualified in looking after the composite filling treatments, so why not invest your money in the right place? We are located in Al Meena Street, Al Khaledia- Sharjah

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Types of Teeth Fillings
There are many types of fillings available in the market, each one with its advantage and disadvantage. However, before selecting any of the fillings, make sure you have a deep discussion with our dentistry in Sharjah to know which one is the best filling for you.
Here are some types of fillings.

  1. Cast Gold Filling
  2. Silver Filling (Amalgams)
  3. Ceramics
    Although there is a wide range of fillings available, as mentioned above our dentistry specialist in Sharjah mainly recommends composite fillings due to its tooth color-matching feature, it can be used mainly anywhere, whether it’s the front or backside of your teeth.

How Are Composite Fillings Placed?
Unfortunately, like most dental restorations, composite fillings are not permanent and require to be changed or replaced after a certain period but don’t worry, the composite filling will still last for years before wanting to be replaced or changed. You know what that means, long-lasting beautiful smile for years.

Composite restoration is generally placed during just one sitting with our dental specialist in which our specialist will numb the affected area and clean out the decay before starting the procedure. In some cases, the decay is very near to the nerves and in those cases, a special medication is also used before starting the composite filling, which will shape, fill and polish the teeth giving you your perfect smile back.


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Benefits of White Fillings (Composite)?

Composite fillings (white fillings) are aesthetically attractive. Composite is a resin material and it bounds very well to the tooth structure. It can be used to fill the small cavities mainly in anterior teeth. They are durable and possess great insulating properties.

How Long will a Composite Last?

Composite fillings are great for aesthetics can last for 5 to 10 years if taken with great care such as oral hygiene, dietary habit, and regular dental consultation.

How Much Tooth Filling Cost in Sharjah?

The cost for a dental filling varies and depends on the site of the tooth that needs fillings, the severity of the filling, and the type of filling material. The final cost will depend on and differs for front and back teeth. After a comprehensive clinical and radiographical assessment, our dentists discuss the exact cost and various payment options available.

Where Can I Find Dental Fillings in Sharjah?

Our dental professionals at the elite medical center are certified and trained to provide patient-centered treatments; dental fillings are one of them. You can drop a message at our email or contact us via phone number to book your appointment with us.

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