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The Department of Dietician/Nutrition Specialist: A Comprehensive Guide to Our Services

Greetings from the Dietician/Nutrition Specialist Department. Elite Medical Center is dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal health through personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. The aim is to lead and bring the patient to a better nutritional state, healthy eating, and a healthier lifestyle which will benefit the patient in the short and long run. Based on the most recent research in the field of nutrition, our department of dieticians uses new and improved methods for safe and effective guidance to patients.

Our nutrition services include Nutritional assessments, weight management, meal planning, chronic disease management (diabetes, heart/renal disease), Food intolerance and allergy management (e.g celiac disease), and prenatal and postnatal nutrition. In addition, our medical
facility is equipped with nutritional diagnostic and testing facilities as well. All the diagnoses, treatments and recommendations at our Medical Center will be provided by one of the best dieticians in Sharjah.

Nutritional Assessment: 

It is a systematic process of gathering and interpreting patients’
nutritional data to make decisions regarding the type and source of nutrition-related health issues that impact a patient. Our nutritional specialist at Elite Medical center will perform a nutritional assessment to evaluate patients’ comprehensive nutritional status, diagnose nutritional deficiencies recognize pathologies (if any) that contribute to malnutrition, and outline appropriate interventions such as meal planning, nutritional supplements, etc.

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Meal Planning:

Our dietitian specialist will create specialized menus (meal planning) that meet the patient’s nutritional requirements. Our health coach can assist you in creating meals that are tasty, healthy nutritious, and cost-effective.

Weight Management:

We provide weight management assistance and programs that are customized to the requirements of each patient. Our registered nutrition specialist in our clinic will assist you in developing a long-term weight loss and control plan that includes a healthy diet and exercise.

Chronic Disease Management:

The importance of nutrition in chronic disease management is especially important because diet is a controllable risk factor for the majority of chronic conditions, which can exist as single diseases or in coexisting states. Diabetes, heart, respiratory, renal diseases, and obesity are examples of chronic illnesses that can be prevented and managed using proper nutritional management

Food Intolerance and Allergy Management:

A food allergy happens when the body reacts to a normally nontoxic food. Food intolerance happens when the body has a chemical reaction to consuming a specific item of food or drink. Our expert assists in the identification of food allergies and intolerances. Dietary manipulation is used to control food allergies and intolerances by excluding the food that is causing the reaction.

Prenatal and Postnatal Nutrition:

Prenatal and postnatal nutrition plays a crucial role in ensuring a healthy pregnancy and the growth and development of a baby. Adequate nutrition is essential for both mother and baby during the prenatal as well as postnatal stages. With the
increased demands on the mother’s body, as well as those required for her child’s growth and development, eating a balanced diet before and after pregnancy offers numerous immediate and long-term benefits. Our lady doctor work with pregnant and breastfeeding women to develop personalized nutrition plans and treatments that meet their specific needs and goals.

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Types of Tests: 

Our medical services include testing and examination to check the nutritional status of the patients. Some of the services include Body composition analysis, food sensitivity testing, dietary analysis, blood work, and micronutrient analysis.

When to Consult the Specialist?

Consulting a dietician can be beneficial for individuals who are looking to improve their overall health and well-being through diet and nutrition. It is mandatory for those patients who have underlying chronic diseases, pregnant females, and fitness enthusiasts as well. Our healthcare center hosts the best dietician in Sharjah who provides patients with individualized advice and assistance to help them accomplish their specific goals and concerns


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