Best General Practitioner in Sharjah

Who Are General Practitioners?

General Practitioners or GP doctors who specialize in various diseases can be treated through medication and the patient does not have to go through surgery. In short, a general Practitioner is a type of doctor who you visit for regular treatments and diagnoses such as cholera, nausea, cough, cold, flu, jaundice, chronic diseases, and so on.

In case of surgery, our facility has the best doctors on our team who will take care of you until the whole treatment is done. At our medical clinic in Sharjah, our GP treats different types of medical treatments through medicine. Our general practitioners work in different areas and we have specialist doctors for each field.

We have doctors for the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, neurological system, endocrinology, and so on. The doctors at our health care facility have helped hundreds of patients with hypertension, asthma, epilepsy, pulmonary diseases, ischemic heart illness, thyroid problems, and so on.

We have a whole system at our facility where we run different tests and do not hesitate to refer to a specialist doctor if needed. We conduct biopsies and run quality tests to confirm the diagnosis of the patient. We plan the treatment around the patient’s feasibility and what works best for them.

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What to expect at a GP Appointment?

The general Practitioners in our facility are experienced enough to walk you through the process of check-ups. As a standard checkup, the GP will check your nails, skin, eyes, mouth, and hands to narrow down the symptoms. Furthermore, the GP will also examine your heartbeat, lungs, abdomen, and if required your nervous system as well. After the complete observation and judging by investigation, our general practitioners will prescribe a test to confirm the suspicions. If surgery is required, our general practitioners will recommend you the relevant surgeon according to the patients’ findings.
Cost of General Practitioner in Sharjah

In the UAE, the cost of general practitioners is quite affordable because the GP does not perform surgeries and only investigates and tries to resolve the disease with medicines.

The only expense while going to the General Practitioner is the appointment fee, medicine fee, and the test fee if required.