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The Department of Gynecological Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Our Services

Welcome to the Gynecological Care Section at the Elite Medical Center! We are dedicated to providing medical services to women of all ages with high-quality medical care and treatment. All the diagnoses, treatments, and recommendations at our Medical Center will be provided by one of the best gynecologists in Sharjah. Obstetrics and gynecology also known as obgyn or simply gynecological care is a part of medical health that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of female reproductive diseases and conditions.

An ob-gyn specialist is a medical doctor with an MD degree and extensive training in both obstetrics and gynecology.
Our Medical Facility provides comprehensive gynecological checkups and treatments to women who are pregnant, have vaginal issues, contraception (birth control options), or other female reproductive health issues.

Annual Exams and Preventative Care: 

Early detection and treatment of any gynecological problems can help guarantee the best possible health outcomes.  Our medical center specializes in offering yearly examinations to track female reproductive health such as a pelvic exam, pap smear, mammography, fertility treatments, blood work, and/or any other testing that may be done during this examination. 

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Managing Menopause: 

Our medical center is facilitated by the best lady doctor and we give relevant recommendations and assistance to women going through menopause, including hormone substitution therapies if necessary. 

Protecting Your Reproductive Health: 

The female reproductive system is vulnerable to trauma, abnormalities, and infections, which can jeopardize reproductive health, promoting diseases or creating problems in fertility. Protecting reproductive health is essential for maintaining overall health and well-being. Our good lady doctor will ensure to give patient-centered preventive reproductive instructions and guidance. 

What is the Antenatal profile?

An antenatal profile consists of multiple medical assessments and examinations performed on the pregnant woman to check the health of the expecting mother and the growing fetus. This typically includes a variety of blood and urine tests, ultrasounds, group B streptococcus, non-invasive prenatal testing, and other screenings to detect any possible health risks or complications throughout pregnancy.
Based on the specific needs and medical history of the patient, our specialist will advise you on suitable tests and examinations. 

Gynecologist in Sharjah UAE

Types of Tests: 

We offer several types of tests that are specifically used in gynecology for diagnosing various conditions including maternity care. Here are some of the most common types of tests: Pap test, colposcopy, pelvic exam, mammograms, ultrasound, blood tests, and biopsies. 

When to Consult the Specialist?

It is of utmost importance to consult a gynecologist specialist for routine check-ups and preventive care, as well as when you experience any symptoms or issues related to your reproductive health such as menstrual problems, abnormal vaginal and breast growths, excessive vaginal bleeding, other vaginal issues, urinary issues, sexual and pregnancy concerns, even gynecological care for seniors, etc. Our medical clinic is delighted to have the best gynecologist in Sharjah to help you with your gynecological concerns and queries.


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