Pre-Marital Screening Services in Sharjah

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Marriage is the foundation of society and an important component of healthy relationships and families. A healthy marriage ensures that family members are protected from hereditary and infectious illnesses, resulting in comfortable and stable family health. Pre-marital screening services are medical tests and assessments performed on adults before marriage. The goal of these services is to detect any physical and genetic conditions that may exist in either of the couples and to provide relevant counseling and treatment to ensure the couple’s and their future children’s health and well-being. Pre-marital Screening services in Sharjah offer a variety of services to all residents, including lab tests and medical consultation sessions.

At Elite Medical Center, couples intending to marry are welcomed either together or individually, with no scheduled appointments. It is important to note that pre-marriage medical screening is required as a prerequisite for the validity of a marriage contract in many gulf regions, including UAE, and around the globe.

Why Premarital Evaluation Is Important?

  • Determine the potential couple’s overall health.
  • Detect infectious illnesses such as Hepatitis B, HIV, HCV, and STD as well as other diseases that are transmitted sexually.
  • Also, it helps to evaluate the likelihood of developing children with a severe type of disease (e.g Thalassemia, Hemophilia, and Sickle Cell Disorder), and identify carriers of genetic disorders. The couple could afterward decide whether or not to have a kid.

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Overall health assessment: A general health assessment helps to assess a couple’s overall health condition such as weight, height, hypertension, heart and breathing functions, as well as breast, abdomen, and pelvic examinations. We at Elite Medical Center offer holistic medical services including pre-marital health assessments and counseling.

Blood Examination: Check for normal and abnormal cells with a complete blood count (CBC), and complete urinalysis. It also includes blood group testing, which is essential for identifying Rh-negative women and counseling them about the potential complications of pregnancy.

Gynecological examination: Gynecological examinations are used to determine the wellness of a woman’s reproductive system. Examining the uterus helps in the detection of normal anatomy as well as gynecological disorders such as cysts, fibroids, and tumors. These abnormalities significantly reduce the odds of pregnancy, and proper treatment is critical. A laparoscope is typically used during the general examination to examine the vagina and cervix. Similarly, a Pap
smear examination is performed to identify cervix cancer. We at our Health Care Center encourage all women to receive these gynecological services even before marriage.

Pre-marital Counselling: Pre-marital counseling is given by a pre-marriage counselor who is trained and qualified to encourage couples or soon-to-be couples to communicate honestly and openly, to spot chronic and hidden conditions, and to bring up challenging topics. A pre-marriage counselor can also ‘interpret’ your thoughts and ensure your thoughts are communicated and understood clearly by both partners. Our medical clinic houses the best pre-marital lady

Pre-Marriage Medical Tests and Counselling at our Center