Pregnancy Follow-up Services in Sharjah

What are Pregnancy Follow-Up Services?

Pregnancy follow-up services are medical services provided by our gynecological services department to pregnant women or those who are planning for pregnancy, to check the female reproductive health, and the mother’s and developing fetus’s health throughout the pregnancy. These services are critical for the mother’s and baby’s health and well-being. Our medical clinic offers pregnancy follow-up services in Sharjah specially designed for prospective and new mothers. We aim to provide care and services in a calm and welcoming environment that is tailored to our client’s needs. Our staff is considerate of the requirements of all of our patients.

Elite Medical Center offers a variety of follow-up services such as frequent check-ups with an expert obstetrician for prenatal screening tests, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic tests. Additionally, our healthcare center also provides nutrition counseling and education, as well as other essential aspects that can impact the well-being of both mother and baby.

The Importance of Pregnancy Follow-Up Services

Pregnancy follow-up services or antenatal care provides care and support to women during and after pregnancy, which is an important component of maternal healthcare. The following are some of the reasons why pregnancy follow-up is crucial:

  • Regular prenatal visits and tracking of maternal and fetal health are included in pregnancy follow-up care. This greatly helps in the identification and management of possible health risks and problems, ensuring the best possible benefits for the mother as well as the baby.
  • These follow-up services also support the earlier detection and treatment of pregnancy-related problems such as gestational diabetes or pregnancy-related hypertension. This could help to
    avoid severe health issues and improve mother and fetus health.
  • Gynecological follow-up services have been shown to enhance pregnancy outcomes, including lowering the chance of premature delivery and low birth weight. Regular follow-up with an expert can result in improved baby health and a lower chance of problems throughout childbirth.
  • Pregnancy follow-up programs educate and support women before, during, and after pregnancy. It includes guidance on good pregnancy practices, breastfeeding, maternity care, etc. This greatly assists women in making informed choices about their own and their baby’s health.

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What Does Pregnancy Follow-Up Services Include? 

Pregnancy follow-up services at our health center usually include ob-gyn care services to facilitate the mother’s and developing fetus’s health and well-being.

  • Prenatal care, which includes frequent check-ups with our specialist female doctor to monitor the mother’s and fetus’s health and to spot any potential problems early on.
  • Screening tests: These may include blood work and physical examinations to detect any possible health issues or problems, such as gestational diabetes or hypertension.
  • Ultrasound examinations: Ultrasound examination is used frequently to check the growth and development of the developing baby fetus as well as to spot any possible problems such as congenital malformations or abnormal positioning.
  • Counseling: Our expert lady doctor offers education and counseling to help pregnant women understand the changes their bodies are undergoing and how to care for themselves and their developing fetuses for a healthy pregnancy.

When to Start Pregnancy Follow-Up/ Planning Services

We suggest that women begin pregnancy follow-up/planning services as soon as they suspect they are pregnant or soon as a positive pregnancy test is obtained. Women should, typically, plan their first antenatal visit with an obgyn specialist within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. This enables them to monitor the pregnancy from the beginning and spot any potential health issues or problems. But even so, even if a woman missed out on early prenatal care, she should obtain care as early as possible. We offer pregnancy follow-up services in Sharjah to help women with their gynecological concerns and queries. Our obstetric care and gynecological services can assist women in planning a safe pregnancy and lowering the risk of potential complications.

Comprehensive Prenatal Pare Services for a Healthy Pregnancy.