Hijama in Sharjah

What is Hijama?

Hijama is one of the treatments that is highly practiced in the world for its ultimate benefits Known as the Cupping Therapy Treatment, it can be availed for many reasons.
At Elite Medical Center, you can get treatment from Hijama specialists in Sharjah. It’s one of a kind of treatment that is done for a variety of reasons.

There are two types of cupping therapy treatment – Dry and Wet. Dry cupping is a suction-only process, while, wet cupping might comprise both suction and controlled remedial bleeding.

Benefits of Hijama Cupping Therapy?
Science has shown the benefits of Hijama. A lot of people go for this treatment for several reasons, such as:
• The pain of joints
• Lower-back pain
• Headache
• Migraine
• Tooth pain
• Muscle pain
• Long-lasting tiredness condition
• Continuing cough
• Asthma
• Lung congestion
• Sharp chest pain
• Eczema
• Lumpy flesh on thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen

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Hijama Treatment Prices in Sharjah?

We provides the treatment at a very reasonable cost compare to any other Hijama Centers. Come to our facility for quality treatment and get rid of your problems.

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Diseases treated by Cupping Therapy?

Many skin diseases, blood disorders, rheumatic diseases, gynecological issues, and so on can be treated with the help of Hijama. For instance, problems like eczema, acne, fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, bronchial congestion, allergies, varicose veins, migraines, high blood pressure, and anxiety can get better with cupping therapy. This treatment is also helpful for weight loss.
There are specific Acupoints in the body for specific types of problems. The toxins are released from these Acupoints leaving the blood purified and free from all illnesses. Make sure that you’re not going to an inexperienced person to get your treatment done.
Elite Medical Center has Hijama specialists that have years of experience in dealing with such patients. If you need serious help, then come to our clinic to get it.

How many sessions of Hijama do I need?

Different diseases require different numbers of sessions. Some people come every month, some 4-times a year, some 2-times, and some 1-time a year.
The doctors in our team will guide you throughout the process after thoroughly assessing how many sessions you will need. Since they are the experts; therefore, it is best to consult them before going after a treatment plan.
Plan a session with our specialist and discuss your case with them. They have the experience to guide you through the process.

Is there any side effect?

According to most experts, cupping is safe as long as you go to a trained health professional. However, minor effects are possible after cupping therapy. They typically occur during or immediately after the treatment.
People may experience temporary:
• Dizziness
• Swelling
• Lightheadedness
• Nausea
• Skin pigmentation
• Cold sweats
These symptoms are normal and usually vanish after some time.